Thursday, December 2, 2010

The small things

I don't know if Arundhati Roy reads my blog( i should certainly hope not!). But Ms. Roy, if you do, this is not a take on "God of small things"- that book you wrote that is the only reason we tolerate your endless rants on everything and anything under the sun. So if this came up in a partial search on google, it's not about your book.

With that out of the way, comes the question that even Ms. Roy might ask if she did happen to stumble upon this page. What is this about? Well, the small things for me are the simple pleasures, the tiny liitle moments that fill our lives. Most of us are painfully blind to how very funky these moments can be. For example, have you ever really stopped to wonder how amazing chocolate ice cream tastes when it's in that transitional state between melting and not melting? Or have you ever come back home from a hot and sweaty day of dealing with this shitty city (or city shitty) and then rested your feet in a bucket of cold water? It feels marvellous. Or the sheer joy of sucking the fruit out of a mango, old school Bihari style.

I could go on.But the point is, life is tough and we all have our problems and our pain, our hardships and our baggage. And some of us are also unlucky enough to have wives on top of all that. Okay, that's a joke. Humour. That's another small but wonderful gift we have that can light up a day like a thousand christmases and diwalis all at once. But we need to live for these moments to see them. I always make it a point to make time for myself to enjoy the small things. I am a communication professional and I spend 10 hours a day, five days a week, 51 weeks a year and god knows how many years a life in a cubicle. So it's important for me for my life not to just be a variable on a bell curve. I take time out for myself. I love performing and writing songs so I stil ldo my hip hop thing when I can. I still spend hours on video games. I have a xbox 360 and a ps2 and I never feel the need to outgrow these passions. I savour the tiny joys of beheading the boss in god of war as much as when I spit a tight flow at the open mic as much as when I have that chocolate gelato ice cream when it's just about to melt. Sure there are the big things like succeeding at work or maybe getting a record deal or falling in love. And those are great. But it's the small things that make life worth it. It's the small things have the directions to the big things in life. You miss them and you'll just drive off the road. That's all for now. So now back to getting past this alien horde in gears of war. Damn, I need a new video game.


Aruni said...

Old school bihari style eh? Where be the cynicism? Thanking all the gods above (of small and big things) that it aint here.

Rhea Purnita Paine said...

oh theres also watching 90's hindi flicks, playing video games @ a mall etc etc...if it weren't for you i would have definitely driven off the road many times!

IdeaSmith said...

There's the small joys and there are the big miracles. Don't miss the forest for the trees but also don't get so lost in a tasty fruit you picked, that you miss the wonderful sunrise (or sunset). The big picture matters too.

Anonymous said...

When you can figure out the rhythm buttons :-)